About the Artist

Beverly Baker

Expect the unexpected.

I fell in love with jewelry when I was young, rummaging through my mother’s bureau drawers — finding objects — each telling its own story. Since my childhood I have been passionate about unique and hand crafted jewelry. I have collected and acquired gemstones, rare beads and river rock, assembled them in patterns and groupings that often inspire my jewelry designs. I think of these objects as an archive of personal memories, each piece having its own personality and story.

Using heat and forging, I transform simple pieces of copper and silver into designs that are beautiful, simple and elegant. I intermix rare beads, river rock and semi-precious gemstones that add character and beauty to my jewelry designs. My designs come together as elements find each other through proximity, association and chance.

Using a wide range of metals, rocks and colors my jewelry is intended to be wearable and comfortable.

Beverly Baker is a St. Louis artist who has been designing jewelry for over 25 years. Her work is shown both locally and throughout the states.

2007 – Westport Art Fair – Excellence Award

2008 – Cedarhurst – Best in Jewelry Award

2008 – Highland Art Fair – Excellence Award

2013 – Midwest Salute to the Arts – Excellence Award

2013 – Edwards Place Fine Art Fair – Honorable Mention

2018 – Webster Art Fair – Excellence Award